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Wiidookdaadiwin   2014

Beausoleil First Nations and County of Simcoe Commission
Simcoe County Museum, Barrie, On

Wiidookdaadiwin is a bronze sculpture of two figures, canoe, portage packs and paddles, which recognizes the First Nations, explorers, settlers and military that traversed the lakes, rivers, islands and portages in the area between Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe.  It helps us relive and remember the passage of culture and history as we view a First Nation person and a European trader about to start a journey together.  The birch bark canoe, the gift of the First Nations people, was the primary means of transportation and trade connection and contributed significantly in reshaping the North American continent.

Wiidookdaadiwin is an Ojibway word meaning the act of helping and assisting one another.  The name of the sculpture, chosen by the elders of the Chippewa Tri Council, symbolizes the working relationship and sharing of knowledge that has gone on for centuries between the two cultures. 

Medium and Dimensions
First Nations and Trader Figures, Bronze, Life-size
Canoe, Bronze, Actual Scale @ !6’ length
Portage Packs and Paddles, Bronze, Actual Scale
Base, Granite, 123” x 84” x 8”