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Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion    2011 – 2102

The Law Gardens Incorporated Commission
McMurtry Gardens of Justice, Toronto, ON

The McMurtry Gardens of Justice sculptures Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion are based on the idea of the classical, for both the sculpture and the laws are exemplary in standard and long established in form and style.
Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion are reduced to the essence of form and gesture; clear, pure, and singular. They represent the symbolic reduction of the complexity of law to its essence.
The gesture of Freedom of Expression is one of openness. The figure with its extended arms invites the people, as does the Law, to participate in the opportunity for each and every one of us to freely express ourselves.  The document held in one hand represents the words that we are free to proclaim.
The gesture of Freedom of Religion is one of affirmation, with the arms uplifted, holding aloft a sphere embossed with the symbols of the main religions of the world. This gesture is symbolic of maintaining and supporting the sacredness of our beliefs.
The physiognomy of each sculpture is multicultural and inclusive.  Each is no one and each is everyone.
Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion are scaled to the intimacy of the McMurtry Gardens of Justice. This distinguished garden is a place of contemplation, where one can sit in meditation or stroll through the contemplative space reflecting on the meaning of law.

Medium and Dimensions
Freedom of Expression    Bronze, Granite         305 cm height
Freedom of Religion        Bronze, Granite, Fiberglass     427 cm height