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Listen to Hear:  Alton Mill Arts Centre Sculpture Garden

Listen to Hear engages the idea of listening. Do we listen, do we hear? Listening is an active process, which depends more on listening than on speaking.  Silence too is a part of listening. Ultimately we hear sound, but listening constructs meaning.

In Head To Ear, Head in the Waterfall, Silent and Listen, the head fragment as vehicle reflects aspects of listening – the head listens to the magical sound of the waterfall - the ear is dislocated from the head and placed in front of the lips so there is no impediment to hearing – the lips are silent to allow time for listening, the single ear is imbedded in the sound of nature.

The hands grip the rail of Inside My Skin, Time Like Droplets, Woven So Tightly, and Silent Web of Thought. They hold tight the phrases, which speak silently of interior reflection  - “I yearn to melt into the universe…slide inside my skin … threaded into the fibre of being. “ These sculptures allow time to absorb the thoughts and the listening is silent.

Singing Bowl Venus and Singing Bowl Mars offer the connection to the meditative aspects of traditional singing bowls, the large scale amplifying this connection without shouting. The perfect hemisphere of the bowl, the inclusive reality of the circle, and the richness of the metals and their reflective glow ground this exhibition in the meditative moment – listen – center oneself – heal.