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Photographs        2008 - 2011

My interest in photography is in the conceptual framework, in the content that draws us into the world of the image.

Pixie’s world is a fascination and a compulsion in terms of capturing her through the fleeting presence of the semi-illuminated photograph. Pixie lives in a world of her own in Pixie SugarFree and Pixie Violin; idiosyncratic, tremulous, chaotic. She exists in her space as a continuum. Messages abound everywhere; her body, her face, her space, a dress upon which is written ‘Fuck’ and embroidered with ‘Sugar Free’.

The Communication Tower photographs combine the images of the women of Made to Measure 2 with a communication tower, back-dropped by a moody sky. How do we communicate, what are we saying, does anyone listen, who is our audience? The women in these photographs look directly at us, challenging us to hear their voice.


Pixie SugarFree, Lambda Flex Print, 40.5 cm x 60 cm
Pixie Violin, Lambda Flex Print, 28 cm x 38 cm,
40.5 cm x 60 cm, 48 cm x 71 cm
Communication Tower, Lambda Flex Print, 38 cm x 53 cm