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Breast Drum Project 2000 -2003

The Breast Drum Project is an audiovisual installation artwork. It is a storytelling work about women; who they are, what they do and how they live, think and feel. It is also a story about place; place in time and place in geography across this vast land that is Canada.

From Newfoundland to the Yukon stories were collected and recorded from women ages 27 to 93. These stories, about birth and life and death, cross an amazing spectrum of experience and reality. The Breast Drum Project is also a work about sound, of the voice as instrument and the drum as instrument. The Breast Drum, spun of steel and bronze with a three-foot diameter moose hide drumhead, was sculpted for this work to evoke the phrase beating one’s breast. 

Each installation of the Breast Drum Project includes a Performance Event featuring Ray Dillard, percussionist, playing drum solos on the Breast Drum, that intermingle with the women’s stories.  
Breast Drum, Bronze, Steel, Moosehide,
165 cm height x 91.5 cm width x 96.5 cm depth
LCD TV Screens x 3, 2 @ 38 cm, 1 @ 33 cm
Speakers x 6, varied height, x 23 cm x 23 cm