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Head in the Ocean     2000

Site Specific Installation, St. Martin’s Harbour Park, St Martin’s, NB

The Head in the Ocean is a bronze sculpture of two heads joined in the shape of a vessel. This sculpture was designed to fill and empty with the pulse and rhythm of the daily tides of the Bay of Fundy. Beautifully situated in the Emerald Pool of St. Martin’s Harbour, the Head in the Ocean is completely submerged at high tide, and reappears at low tide.

The concept of this sculptural installation is the interaction of people and place. As the Head fills with the tide we are reminded to fill ourselves with nature and live in harmony with it. The receding tide empties from the Head, symbolically carrying our human essence as it ebbs back to sea.  


Bronze, 1.2 m height x1 m width x 1 m depth