Wiidookdaadiwin      2014/2021

Beausoleil First Nations/Friends of Wiidookdaadiwin Commission
2816 George Johnston Road, Springwater, ON

The bronze sculpture, Wiidookdaadiwin, is comprised of a First Nation figure, a Settler figure, and a birch bark canoe. This life-size sculpture helps us relive and remember the passage of culture and history between Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe as we view a First Nation person and a European settler about to start a journey together. 

Wiidookdaadiwin is an Ojibway word gifted to the Sculpture by the elders of the Chippewa Tri-Council of this area. The word means ‘working together and helping one another’ and symbolizes the working relationship, sharing of knowledge and the teachings that have gone on for centuries.

Wiidookdaadiwin was moved from the Simcoe County Museum site to its permanent and original location, now named the Wiidookdaadiwin lookout, in October of 2021.

Medium and Dimensions

First Nation Figure, Life-Size Bronze

Settler Figure, Life-size Bronze

Canoe, Life-size @ 4.9 m length