Monument to William Berczy     2016

City of Markham Commission
Berczy Park, Markham, ON

The Monument to William Berczy acknowledges William Berczy as the Founder of Markham and additionally as one of Canada’s finest painters of that time. The clothing and artifacts of Berczy are exact replicas of the early Regency time.

The life-size figure of William Berczy stands on a cantilevered bronze column, 2.4 meters in height, at the forefront of Berczy Square. This column features an etched bronze plate of Berczy’s most famous painting, The Woolsey Family. Two bronze columns that feature etched bronze plates of Berczy’s painting of Joseph Brant and a Markham historical log home, flank the central column. The etched bronze plates are exact replicas of the historical paintings in the National Gallery of Canada collection and the Markham Museum’s photograph.

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Sculpture of William Berczy, Bronze, Life-Size at 1.98 m h

Main Column
, Bronze, Granite, 2.44 m h x 1.2 m w x 1.2 m d

Side Columns,
Bronze, Granite, 1.8 m h x .9 m w x .6 m d