Mine Mind     2000 - 2002

The Mine Mind series of heads is created from a single sculpted head close to my own physiognomy. Each head is cast in a different material that incorporates a conceptual reference – white plaster for virgin, beeswax for healer, compost for earth, autobody painted bronze for strength, etc.

A sleek stainless steel contemporary base supports each head, the angular design counterpointing the organic quality of the sculpted head.

Title, Medium and Dimensions
Armoured, bronze, autobody paint, stainless steel

bronze, beeswax, cloves, stainless steel

compost, quills, stainless steel

My Cup Runneth
Over, cement, copper bowl, stainless steel

plaster, compact, wedding rings, stainless steel

Read My lips
, porcelain, glaze, stainless steel

Mirror, Mirror
, fiberglass, gold leaf, stainless steel

All Dimensions 45.7 cm h x 15.2 cm w x 20.3 cm d