Made to Measure 1     2007

A collection of antique dressmaker ‘judys’ are the basis of the Made to Measure 1 Series. These historic forms are shaped to the specific body demands of their era. This inherent statement of measure has been enhanced through sculptural additions.

The Point of the Breast is a circa 1960’s dressmaker form which features a conic breast shape. Thimbles, cast in fiberglass, have been added to these breasts as nipples. The title of the work references both the physical end point of the breast and its possible value or meaning.

Stained is a circa 1940’s linen-covered ‘judy’ called the Venus 16. Only the word ‘stained’ has been stamped on the sculpture to amplify the stains that have accumulated on this form over the years. ‘Stained’ also implies a measure that is less than pure.

Carrying the Measure is a circa 1930’s linen-covered ‘judy’ called the Gladstone Venus 18 1/2.  A wooden yardstick has been attached to the spine of this ample form, implying the constancy of measure and making visible the invisible, which we carry inside.

Is My Waist Small Enough?  is a Victorian ‘judy’, which accentuates its very tiny waist. A tape measure of accurate dimensions is embroidered on linen cloth and pinned to the waist of the form. In addition to the specific measurements is embroidered the statement, “Is my waist small enough for you?

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Carrying the Measure, Antique Dressmaker Form, wood, 
bronze, 155 cm h x 46 cm w x 46 cm d

The Point of the Breast, Antique Dressmaker Form, 
fiberglass, 168 cm h x 46 cm w x 46 cm d

Is My Waist Small Enough, Antique Dressmaker Form, 
embroidery, 155 cm h x 46 cm w x 46 cm d

Stained, Antique Dressmaker Form, stamped ink, 160 cm h x 46 cm w x 46 cm d