Listen to Hear:  Oeno Gallery Sculpture Garden

Listen to Hear engages the idea of listening. Do we listen, do we hear? Ultimately we hear sound, but listening constructs meaning. Silence too is a part of listening.

In Head To Ear and Silent the head fragment as vehicle reflects aspects of listening - the ear is dislocated from the head and placed in front of the lips so there is no impediment to hearing and the lips are silent to allow time for listening.

Singing Bowls Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury offer the connection to the meditative aspects of traditional singing bowls, the large scale amplifying this connection without shouting. The perfect hemisphere of the bowl, the inclusive reality of the circle, and the richness of the metals and their reflective glow ground this exhibition in the meditative moment – listen – center oneself – heal.

Singing Bowls Cerulean and Ultramarine Sky reflect the heavens within the meditative connection.

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Singing Bowls Cerulean Sky, Stainless Steel, Paint, 1.1 m dia and .8 m dia

Singing Bowls ultramarine Sky,
Stainless Steel, Paint, 1.1 m dia and .8 m dia

Singing Bowl Mars
, Stainless Steel, Paint, 1.1 m dia

Singing Bowls Jupiter, Moon, Mercury
, Stainless Steel, Paint, 1.1 m dia, .8 m dia, .45 m dia

Singing Bowl Venus
, Bronze, .8 m dia

Head to Ear,
Bronze, .6 m h x .75 m w x variable d

Silent, Bronze,
.3 m h x .6 m w x .15 m d

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