Kennebeccasis      1996

Monument to the 125th Anniversary of the Great Race, Rothesay, NB
The Kennebeccasis is the first in a series of sculpture to mark ‘people and place’ in Canada, through myself as artist, the famous Paris Crew, and this maritime community on the Kennebecasis River. The geographical culture of this community is depicted through historical, anthropological, botanical and zoological images and text, deeply carved into the thirty-three tons of granite.

The granite stones support a twenty-foot long bronze boat form. The double-pointed oval of the boat form is representative of the ancient vesica piscis symbol for female and of the racing shell from the historical Great Race on the Kennebecasis River.

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Boat Form, Bronze, .5 m h x 6 m w x .3 m d

Granite Base, 1.8 m h x 7.3 m w x 2.4 m d