Borden Legacy Monument     2016

Gift to CFB Borden Commission
CFB Borden, Angus, ON

The Borden Legacy Monument celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Forces Base Borden. This monument pays tribute to all who serve and especially those who paid the supreme sacrifice for our Nation.

White granite wings punctuate the forty-foot long and seven-foot high walls of polished black granite, engraved with stirring quotes. The reverse side of the main wall reflects each person who passes, back-dropped by the red maple trees of the site.

A six-foot wide path separates the two sections of the wall to allow passage between. The second wall enshrines a bronze urn, which holds the soil of Vimy Ridge to represent the DNA of our wounded and dead soldiers.

A life-size bronze statue of a WWI Bugler, which stands past the monument walls, calls us to this site. Black granite benches offer seating for meditation and contemplation.

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Monument Walls, Black Granite, White Granite, 12.2 m w x 2.1 m h x .4 m d

WWI Bugler, Bronze, Life-size on Black Granite Base, 1.5 m h x .9 m w x .9 m d

Bronze Urn and Plate Assembly, .5 m h x .4 m w x .4 m d

Benches, Black Granite,  .45 m h x 1.2 m w x .6 m d