Blue Circle      2021

The Blue Circle artwork is a dynamic gateway to the City of Fredericton – a circle within a circle.

The Saint John River that flows through the centre of Fredericton is a living breath, a spirit that touches both sides of the city. The Blue Circle integrates the magic of the river and celestial city as concepts.

The river anchors the city and informs the ethos of all who live there. A line from Alden Nowlan’s poem St. John River, the real river is beautiful, as blue as steel, affirms its beauty. The Blue Circle mirrors the river in its shimmering blue metallic colour as well as the division of the city into two parts. The two halves of the circle modulate up and down to define a growing, changing city.

Fredericton historically has been known as the Celestial City. The Blue Circle represents this aspect though the use of laser-cut circles to simulate the stars of the sky. The column of the sculpture, which supports the circular ring, is laser-cut with the constellations, Usa Major, Perseus, Cephus and Orion.

The day and night shimmer of the Blue Circle creates a significant landmark.

Title, Medium and Dimensions

Blue Circle, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, LED Lights. 2.74 m h x 5.2 m diameter

Photographs by Rob Blanchard, Courtesy of City of Fredericton